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Kindergarten-2nd grade

This lesson plan was developed for a 45 minute visit to a Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade classroom. Students move through 4 stations, each with a different theme. The themes are Omnivore, Symbiosis, Metamorphosis, and Fluorescence/Phenotype. Each of the station had a live animal or animals for the students to hold. For our classroom visits, we used sea urchis for the Omnivore station, Hissing cockroaches with their symbiotic mites for the Symbiosis station, caterpillars and moths for the Metamorphosis station, and GloFish for the Fluorescence/Phenotype station. The ideas could be easily adapted for other themes and other animals.

Authors: Amelia Anderson, Alisa Brakic, Jayce Brown,
Rebecca Goeman, Mitch Johnson, Alison Kingsbury, Jennifer Liang, Morgan Prochaska

General materials:
Detailed time line and plan for the visit
Coloring book (this was used as a lab notebook as students moved through the stations)
Kindergarten assessment
1st grade assessment
2nd grade assessment
Titles for stations

Omnivore Sea Urchin Station
Print out and laminate
Ppt with fun facts about sea urchins
These also has the website links for the included information

Sources for purchasing sea urchins:
These our our favorite-PURPLE SEA URCHIN, Arbacia punctulata, from
Gulf Marine Specimen
You can also buy sea urchins form Carolina Biological and many other places

Omnivore pages for coloring book

Symbiosis Hissing Cockroach Station
Print out and laminate
Ppt with examples of symbiotic relationships
This also has the website links for the included information

Symbiosis pages for coloring book

Fluorescence or Phenotype GloFish station
Print out and laminate
Ppt with examples of other fluorescent animals scientists have made
This also has the source for the included information

Sources for buying GloFish and black light flashlights:
Almost every pet store sells GloFish as well as normal, wildtype zebrafish
GloFish website:
Blacklight flashlights to make fish glow: LEDwholesalers 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight Blacklight 3 AA, 7202UV395.
There are also many other brands of these that will work. We use a piece of black fleece for the kids to duck under to see the fish glow.

Phenotype pages for coloring book
Note: Highlighting markers work well for coloing these pages

Metamorphosis Moth Station
Print out and laminate
pdf with different stages of Menduca sexta/tobacco horned worm development
These are original pictures taken by Jennifer Liang

Source for Manduca sexta caterpillars:
Carolina Biological
Search for "Manduca sexta". You can now buy eggs and grow them all the way to moths in your classroom.
However, they are not available to people in some states, so you may have to find an alternative organism for this station

Metamorphosis pages for coloring book