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Zebrafish in the Classroom is designed to be a resource for teachers and students who are using zebrafish in undergraduate courses.

The same characteristics that make zebrafish a powerful system for basic research also make them an excellent tool for teaching: embryos are easy to obtain in large numbers, development can be observed live fish using simple dissecting microscopes, and mutant and transgenic fish can be used to demonstrate principles of development and genetics.

This website was generated by Dr. Jennifer Liang, a dedicated and creative team of undergraduate students, and generous collaborators. On this site you can find protocols for many common techniques such as raising zebrafish, producing embryos, and detecting mRNAs and proteins, classroom experiments that students can do with live zebrafish, and virtual experiments that students can do using data and images we provide.

We have also created many other resources that we anticipate will be useful for students and teachers alike, such as games that will help you learn about zebrafish and a glossary of field-specific terms. Finally, there is a link to the Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN) which has a wealth of additional information about the zebrafish model system.

This site is still growing and changing as we add more features and learn more about web design. We hope that you will visit us frequently to see what is new, and contact us if you would like to make suggestions or contribute to the site.


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